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The website offers a complete guide to the most important accommodation units in Targu Mures and its surroundings. Starting from the principle of combining the guests 'wishes with the owners' needs, we offer the former a platform with accurate data about each place of accommodation, and the latter provide them with space through which they can reach their customers directly.

Here you can find the accommodation offer that suits you. You can search for different spaces according to several criteria:

  • type of unit (hotels, guesthouses, villas or hotel accommodation);
  • area (accommodation in the center of the city, in different neighborhoods of the city or places of interest);
  • distance from tourist objectives, commercial spaces, business buildings;
  • positioning to other points on the interactive map;
  • number of stars and classification
  • price;
  • rating;
  • other relevant filters.

Important areas of the city available as site filters include the following:

  • Center;
  • Historical center;
  • Train Station;
  • Bus Station; 
  • Towards Turda;
  • To Sighșoara
  • To Reghin
  • Clinics Area;
  • Zoo;
  • Weekend Complex Area. is the place to find offers from pensions in Mures, hotels in Mures or apartments for rent, in the areas of interest.

About Targu Mures

Targu Mures is located in the center of historical Transylvania, on both banks of the upper course of the Mures river. The city has a rich offer in terms of tourism-specific activities. Along with recreational activities, tourists have several sights that can be visited.

Although in Târgu Mureș no particularly old buildings were preserved, the city passing through several fires over time, the old city manages to maintain its air of the medieval city, at least in the northern part of the Center.

Targu Mures also hosts events that have developed its image both nationally and globally. These include the International Alter-Native Film Festival, the Peninsula-Félszige Festival or the Bernády Days.

More information about the points of interest of Targu Mures can be found in the objectives section.